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It was so good when you were in my life.

Dudes. I so miss Farscape. Sniff.
Dudes. A word please.
I have been sitting on this for a while, but I gotta say it.

Dudes. Why the fuck is Carol Danvers not in the Avengers movie? No, seriously. Why? She has this incredible back story, alien superpowers, snark, and so many issues. So. Very. Many. Issues.

I mean if you took all the man pain and awesome from Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor and rolled it up into a snarky blond in an awesome costume, WHO CAN FLY, you would have Ms Marvel. She has even been called “The House of Ideas premier heroine.”

She’s a partiot (Steve), a soilder who fought for her country and no longer has a war (Steve as well). She is an on occasion not so recovering alcoholic (Tony), she can be a arrogant pain in the ass (Hello Tony again, with a side of Nordic god). She has freaking alien/cosmic powers (Thor) and she even has daddy issues to thrown on top of everything else. And seriously? Who on the current rouster does NOT have daddy issues? (Bruce, Thor and Tony, so very much Tony, I am looking at your remarkably toned asses right now. Though I’m sure Steve and Clint have their fair share as well.)

Why throw away a golden opportunity to mix shit up and finally have a Superhero movie featuring a female character? I mean, Marvel is pulling out all of the stops for their movie verse and with that kind of backing we could have one hell of a Ms Marvel movie. With, like, a budget and a decent script and like a director who is not total crap and massively incompetent! Because? Those would be the reasons all previous movies featuring a female character have tanked (Electra and *shudders* Catwoman). They failed at the box office NOT because it was a girl in the lead, but because they WERE CRAP MOVIES! Put some actual effort in and trust me, people will show up. I mean there was concern that Thor would tank cause he’s not a “name” hero and look. It did incredibly well, BECAUSE IT WAS A GOOD SCRIPT WITH AN AMAZING DIRCTOR AND PEOPLE WHO CAN ACT. This is all you need.

And seriously, the time to strike is now. We are living in a post Buffy world here, we are ready to watch a woman kick ass. Hell, we are craving ass kicking ladies right now. So come on Marvel! GIVE THEM TO US!!!

DC is wandering around in circles with a bucket on it’s head in regards to a Wonder Woman movie and the totally botched (and thankfully never to haunt my TV) show and um… That would be about it. So DO IT!!! SEIZE THE DAY!!!

Um… So I did not intend to get up on this here soap box, but here I am nonetheless. So while I’m here, Uh, I guess… Stay is school? Don’t smoke? Wear Sunscreen? I guess I’m done.

Walking Dead trailer

Okay, this is kinda awesome

I love cars. I may know shit all about them, but god are they pretty. The lines, the grace, the way they sound-purr to a roar. Fords, Chryslers, Pontiacs, I love them all. Unlike my enjoyment of college basketball or the fact that everything I ever learned about being awesome I cribbed ruthlessly from the Golden Girls and Designing Women, my love of cars is something I've never found any shame in.

If I get distracted from a conversation when I see the sleek lines of something beautiful, and if the words “God ,you are one sexy bitch.” slip past my lips, well I just shrug grin and keep my eyes on the eye candy until it’s gone and I can turn my attention back to conversation at hand.

The fact that this love was born of the craptastic movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”? Yeah that’s a whole other story.

Well I've done my duty to facebook for the first time in god knows how many months. I feel strangely accomplished for spending a half hour on my ass.

Now to reward myself with beer and nachos as is the tradition of my people.

Oh. My. God.

I.. It's.. I don't... 

There is not enough Squee in the world encompass this awesome....

ohgodohgodohgodohgod...Collapse )
So I have been watching all the awesome SPN reruns on TNT that have been gracing my TV of late and and I have been thinking. And this is a bad thing. Because I am thinking I need to spend some quality time with my SPN dvd's and go through and do a comprehensive historical perspective on Sam's fug shirts. They are so many and varied and so very very ugly and I feel this needs to be documented for the sake of future generations and all that humanitarian type crap. So they can be warned and not make the same mistakes but also mostly for the lulz and the fact that I apparently bore really easily and need to get a life. On the plus side? I get to watch losts of SPN. So, you know, yay for the pretty.

Maybe I'll throw in a comprehensive study of all the fan service while I'm at it. Cause we as a fandom need to know every single moment of bared Winchester flesh in existence. It's important and stuff. Too bad we have as yet to get much by way of exposed Cas flesh, but I have great hopes we will get something before the end.

Answers to questions never asked.

Do you really care? Probably not but in case you do this Meme is brought ot you by the Letter G and the Numbers 7 & 2 and the fact that I could not come up with anything else interesting to post.
Ganked from chickadilly!

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